This section of the website offers explanations of some of the services and functionality I offer through my web design services. Please click one of the items below to read more.

  • Advanced Caching

    As internet speeds have increased, we have become more and more impatient on the web.The introduction of high resolution displays (retina), requiring retina sized images (double resolution) and responsive design has added to the weight of todays web pages. ...

  • Photography Portfolio Websites

    I have built and designed a range of photography portfolio websites for some of the top landscape photographers in the UK.Working closely with these photographers has given me an insight into the required ingredients that photographers in general require...

  • Update Your Own Website With Expression Engine

    Each of my websites are built around the powerful and easy to use content management system ‘Expression Engine’ (EE).Expression Engine allows you to easily add, edit or delete website content from a password secure control panel. This...

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

    Search engine optimisation is the knowledge of a how a search engine works, and utilising it to your advantage.Each search engine crawls a website taking into account thousands of different factors, and it's these factors which are used...

  • Retina Display Optimisation

    With retina display devices becoming more readily available, with the likes of Apples new iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro, more and more visitors will be viewing websites through these high pixel density displays.Retina displays have a much higher pixel...

  • Responsive vs Fixed Width Layouts

    What is the difference between responsive and fixed width layouts?Fixed width layouts are just that, fixed. Whatever the resolution of your display, the website will always be a fixed width. If the visitors display size is smaller than the...

  • Hosting and Domain Registration

    An important part of any website, is its hosting. Without a fast and reliable hosting service, it is likely that your visitors will quickly become tired of waiting around and move on. This is why, I have done my homework...

  • E-commerce

    There are huge benefits to e-commerce. Selling your products/services online reduces costs and allows you to carry out business 24 hours a day, seven days a week with people and businesses all over the world.

  • Website Statistics

    Website statistics allow you to view a wide range of detailed information about traffic sources, visitor locations, number of visits, referrals, social networking and advertising, just to list a few.Each website I create includes an installation of Google Analytics....

David Clapp said:

If you are looking for a web designer with aptitude and client understanding, capable of an impeccable level of service / support then look no further. My online profile is extremely important to my business and it is thankfully in the safest hands. I throw literally any idea at Chris and he makes it work, so I cannot recommend him enough to everyone who admires my site. He not only saves me time, money and a life free from all those horrible web headaches, but I can build my business confidently and professionally.

Timo Lieber said:

It has been absolutely fantastic to work with Chris and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is 100% professional, 100% reliable, and will build a site that (i) looks stunning and (ii) will work. Equally important - Chris won't hesitate to tell you in case you are heading in the wrong direction with any of your ideas. That's what you want. Look no further.

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